Greetings from the Rosh Yeshiva, HaRav HaGaon Yaakov Chaim Sofer, shlita, grandson of the author of the holy sefer "Kaf HaChaim"

To our fellow Jews, may HaShem protect you and grant you life. I address you, asking you to come to the aid of our holy yeshiva to give meaningful assistance, with a loving eye and a generous spirit. Certainly all people who help our yeshiva kedosha with a donation will be blessed from Above. The merit of my forebear – a man great even among giants of Torah – HaRav Yaakov Chaim Sofer tz"l, author of "Kaf HaChaim", will accrue to the Heavenly merits of the donors, that they be delivered and saved in all manner of redemption, from whatever situation troubles them. They will merit redemption and consolation, good health and a good livelihood, worthy and proper matches for their children, viable and holy offspring, nachat from the children and many other blessings and successes that we have witnessed with our own eyes.

I request that you help and assist the precious directors of the yeshiva, and donate with a benevolent eye and a generous spirit. And you will be blessed with all manner of good by the "Mouth" of the One Above, may His Name be blessed, Amen.

מוסדות כף החיים

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