Yeshivat Kaf HaChaim has produced fruit, in the form of alumni, who have gone on to establish a flourishing grove under the sheltering branches of the yeshiva. The Kaf HaChaim Kollel, blessed with a fine reputation, is housed in the yeshiva building. Most members of the kollel are alumni of the yeshiva. Indeed, after learning for several years in this yeshiva, newlywed talmidim wanted to stay close to home – the yeshiva, of course. And so the kollel grew and flourished. The tens of talmidim who grow in learning and fear of Heaven at Kaf HaChaim find that their assistance is much in demand at Torah institutions as teachers and mechanchim.

We, the administrators at Kaf HaChaim, pray and plead to the Creator of the World that He will give us the strength and the ability to continue to maintain this institution and that He will confer on our donors and supporters abundance of blessings and salvations all of their lives. Amen, may thus be His Will.

מוסדות כף החיים

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