Yeshivat Kaf HaChaim opened its doors 30 years ago to offer living waters – our holy Torah – to those who sought to refresh their spirits.

Since then, the yeshiva has garnered praise and the crown of a good name. Rosh Yeshiva HaRav Yaakov Chaim Sofer, shlita famous for his successes in introducing Jews to their heritage – "making" ba'aalei tshuva – is the grandson of the kabbalist, the author of "Kaf HaChaim". Hundreds of alumni of Rav Sofer's yeshiva credit the yeshiva staff with their very lives, claiming that the staff members helped them build their characters, introduced them to their Jewish heritage and continue to take an interest in them.

Alumni of the yeshiva originate from the entire range of Jewish society in Israel, from every Jewish "ethnic" group. Among them are veterans of special IDF units, graduates of colleges and universities from throughout the country and all of whom responded to their latent Jewish spark, the spark that lit their path to reclaim their heritage. Israelis, in short, are thirsty for the word of God, and at Yeshivat Kaf HaChaim, they quench their thirst.

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